Sermons and Homilies

I.  Bibliographies

II.  Surveys, Handbooks, and Collections

III.  Repertories

IV. Some Major Preachers and Preaching Traditions

V.  Homiliaries

VI.  The Pericope System

VII.  English Translations

VIII.  Exempla

IX.  Preacher’s Manuals

I.  Bibliographies

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Bibliographie de François Dolbeau

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To keep up to date, consult recent issues of the Medieval Sermon Studies, as well as Medioevo Latino under the headings “Liturgica–Forme e Generi di Testo–Homeliaria Liturgica” and “Predicazione” (also available via the Mirabile database).

II.  Surveys, Handbooks, and Collections


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Handbooks and Collections:

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For others search the LC subject headings “Preaching—History—Middle Ages, 600-1500” and “Sermons—Latin–Early Works to 1800.”


Medieval Sermon Studies (1977- ).  Official organ of the International Medieval Sermon Studies Society 

III.  Repertories

Patrologia Latina indices of sermons and homilies in vol. 221.

Hermann Josef Sieben, Kirchenväterhomilien zum Neuen Testament: Ein Repertorium der Textausgaben und Übersetzungen, mit einem Anhang der Kirchenväterkommentare, Instrumenta Patristica 22 (Steenbrugge, 1991).  Lists patristic homilies by New Testament book and verse, with references to editions and translations.

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Johann Baptist Schneyer, Repertorium der lateinischen Sermones des Mittelalters für die Zeit von 1150-1350, 11 vols., Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie und Theologie des Mittelalters 43/1-11 (Münster i.W. 1969-90).  Pts. 1-4 lists sermons alphabetically by author; pts. VI-VII list sermons by institution (VI: councils, universities, monastic; VII: mendicant, miscellaneous collections, and sermons on Scriptures; pts VIII-IX list anonymous sermons by cities where the manuscripts survive.  Sermon initia usually are biblical “themes.” 

L. Hödl and W. Koch, Repertorium der lateinischen Sermones des Spätmittelalters 1350 bis 1500 (Münster, 1999). [CD-ROM].  Non-functional with current Windows OS.

For comments on how to use Schneyer’s work, see Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery, p. 81, and Berlioz, Identifier sources et citations, pp. 204-5. The following work provides an additional means of access:

Johann Baptist Schneyer, Wegweiser zu lateinischen Predigtreihen des Mittelalters (Munich, 1965).  Alphabetical list of biblical ‘themes’ of sermons and initia from the 12th through16th centuries, and an index of authors. See Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery, p. 81.

Louis-Jacques Bataillon, “Compléments au Repertorium de Schneyer: I.,” Medieval Sermon Studies 44 (2000), 15-36. édition électronique d’un corpus de sermons latins médiévaux

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Carolyn Muessig, “Audience and Preacher: Ad Status Sermons and Social Classification,” in Preacher, Sermon, and Audience in the Middle Ages, ed. Carolyn Muessig (Leiden, 2002 ), pp. 255-76. 

For incipits of sermons, in addition to the indices in the above repertories:

In Principio: Index of Latin Texts (Brepols, 1997). Based on the materials at IRHT and HMML. Incorporates data from Répertoire d’incipit de sermons latins. Antiquité tardive et Moyen Age (Paris, 1987), 240 microfiche reproducing the card-files of the IRHT

Germain Morin, Sancti Caesarii Arelatensis sermones, Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina 103-104.  The alphabetical inventory includes many falsely attributed sermons.

Schneyer, Wegweiser, includes a bibliography of lists of initia of scholastic preachers and anonymous scholastic sermons, pp. 547-55.

For others, see Berlioz, Identifier sources et citations, pp. 204-7.

A Bibliographical Register of the Sermons & Other Orations Delivered at the Council of Constance (1414-1418)

IV. Some Major Preachers and Preaching Traditions

(For patristic authors see the patrologies listed in the separate bibliography on The Bible and Its Interpretation; for later medieval authors see Schneyer, Repertorium der lateinischen Sermones des Mittelalters, and the repertories listed in the separate bibliography on Medieval Latin Literature, especially CALMA: Compendium Auctorum Latinorum Medii Aevi (500-1500).) Fuller lists of medieval preachers can be found in various essays in The Sermon, ed. Kienzle.

Ademar of Chabannes

Sermones, Patrologia Latina 141, cols. 111-112 and 115-124.

Zénaïde Romaneix, “Édition de sermons d’Adémar de Chabannes et du compte rendu du concile de Limoges (novembre 1031), (BnF lat. 2469, fol. 76-112v) (unpubl. thesis, École des chartes, 2005).

Sermons, ed. and trans. Edmond Pognon, in L’an mille. Oeuvres de Liutprand, Raoul Glaber, Adémar de Chabannes, Adalberon [et] Helgaud, Mémoires du passé pour servir au temps présent 6 (Paris, 1947). 

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Aelred of Rievaulx

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Ælred de Rievaulx, Sermons pour l’année, 3 vols., trans. Gatanne De Briey, Pain de Cîteaux, 11-12, 18 (Oka, Quebec, 1997). 

Anthony of Padua

S. Antonii Patavini Sermones dominicales et festivi, 3 vols., ed. Beniamino Costa, Leonardo Frasson, and Giovanni Luisetto (Padua, 1979). 

Sant’Antonio di Padova. I Sermoni, trans. Giordano Tollardo, 3rd ed. (Padua, 2002).  Includes an analytical index and an index of biblical passages.


The bibliography of editions of Augustine’s sermons is too extensive to be itemized here; in addition to Gryson, Répertoire (AU s) see the works cited below. A new collective edition of the Sermones ad populum is appearing in CCSL:  Sancti Aurelii Augustini Sermones in Matthaeum I, ed. P.-P Verbracken et al., CCSL 41 Aa (Turnhout, 2008) Sancti Aurelii Augustini Sermones in Epistolas Apostolicas I, ed. Gert Partoens, CCSL 41Ba (Turnhout, 2008) ;  Sancti Aurelii Augustini Sermones in Epistolas Apostolicas II, ed. Shari Boodts, CCSL 41Bb (Turnhout, 2016). 

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The Works of Saint Augustine A Translation for the 21st Century (1990- ). Volumes with translations of homilies and sermons: III/14, Homilies on the First Epistle of John; III/12, Homilies on the Gospel of John (1-40); III/1-11, Sermons. These and other volumes have elaborate subject indices in Compilation of Indexes to The Works of Saint Augustine A Translation for the 21st Century, comp. Steven Cordiviola (Hyde Park, 2016). 

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Augustine, Sermons on the New Testament (NPNF series)

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Pseudo-Augustine (Sermones ad fratres in eremo)

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Basil the Great

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Bernard of Clairvaux

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Parisian Preachers

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V.  Homiliaries

For an overview see Henri Barré, “Homéliaires,” Dictionnaire de Spiritualité 7 (1969), 597-606. For homiliaries down to Bede see Clavis Patrum Latinorum, pp. 652-54. See also the “Index collection, homiliarium, sermoniarum et codicum” in Machielsen, Clavis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aevi IB, 1063-1115.

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Repertorio degli Omeliari del Medioevo (R.O.M.E.)

Medieval Miscellanies – Homiliaries

Omeliari in Scrittura beneventana

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VI.  The Pericope System

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Thales Database. Thesaurus Antiquorum Lectionariorum Ecclesiae Synagogaeque. Requires (free) registration.  Currently includes the following early lectionaries:  Bobbio Missal; Lectionary of Luxeuil; Mozarabic Lectionary; Comes Romanus Wirziburgensis; Comes of Murbach; Comes of Alcuin.

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VII.  English Translations

Hermann Josef Sieben, Kirchenväterhomilien zum Neuen Testament: Ein Repertorium der Textausgaben und Übersetzungen, mit einem Anhang der Kirchenväterkommentare, Instrumenta Patristica 22 (Steenbrugge, 1991).  

The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers, 4 vols., trans. M. F. Toal (Chicago, 1958-63). The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century, trans. Edmund Hill, ed. John E. Rotelle (Brooklyn, 1990-97).  Includes the sermons: pt. 3, v. 1. Sermons on the Old Testament, 1-19 — pt. 3, v. 2. Sermons on the Old Testament, 20-50 — pt. 3, v. 3. Sermons on the New Testament, 51-94 — pt. 3, v. 4. Sermons on the New Testament, 94A-147A — pt. 3, v. 5. Sermons on the New Testament, 148-183 — pt. 3, v. 6. Sermons on the liturgical seasons, 184-229 — pt. 3, v. 7. Sermons on the liturgical seasons, 230-272B — pt. 3, v. 8. Sermons on the saints, 273-305A — pt. 3, v. 9. Sermons on the saints, 306-340A — v. 10. Sermons on various subjects, 341-400 — pt. 3, v. 18. Expositions of the Psalms, 73-98.

Basil the Great, Homilies on the Hexaemeron (NPNF series)

Hilary of Poitiers, Homilies on the Psalms (NPNF series)

For others search the LC subject heading “Sermons, English—Translations from Latin.”

VIII.  Exempla

BIBLIEX: Bibliographie européenne des exempla

RELEX: Ressources en ligne des exempla

Thesaurus Exemplorum Medii Aevi. Allows searches by collection, “notebook” (published indices such as Aarne-Thompson, Tubach, etc.), Tubach number, word(s) of summary and keywords.

Frederic C. Tubach, Index exemplorum: A Handbook of Medieval Religious Tales, Folklore Fellows Communications 86, no. 204 (Helsinki, 1969). 

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Some major medieval collections:

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Césaire de Heisterbach en Ligne.

Liber Exemplorum Ad Usum Praedicantium Saeculo XIII Compositus a Quodam Fratre Minore Anglico De Provincia Hiberniae, ed. A. G. Little (Aberdeen, 1908). 

See also Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery, pp. 88-89; Berlioz, Identifier sources, pp. 211-22; Mantello and Rigg, Medieval Latin, pp. 582-88.

IX.  Preachers’ Manuals

Harry Caplan, Mediaeval artes praedicandi (New York, 1934). ; with A Supplementary Handlist (New York, 1936). 

Th.-M. Charland, Artes praedicandi: Contribution à l’histoire de la rhétorique au Moyen Age (Paris, 1936). 

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Some Major Collections:

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