Charles D. Wright’s Online Medieval Studies Bibliographies (with links to )

Medieval Studies: General Bibliographies, Reference Works, and Internet Resources

Medieval History and Historical Sources

Medieval Christianity and Ecclesiastical Sources

Medieval Latin Literature

The Classics in the Middle Ages: Transmission and Influence

Manuscript Research: Identifying Texts and Locating Secondary Literature (temporarily unavailable while being updated)

Medieval and Modern Manuscript Catalogues and Digitized Manuscripts (temporarily unavailable while being updated)

The Bible and Its Interpretation (temporarily unavailable while being updated)

The Apocrypha in the Middle Ages

Theology and Dogma; Spirituality and Mysticism

Medieval Liturgy

Sermons and Homilies

Medieval Encyclopedias, Bestiaries, Lapidaries, and Herbals

Hagiography (temporarily unavailable while being updated)

Iconography, Symbolism, Motifs, Topoi, and Imagery

Medieval Folklore & Popular Culture



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